Color Navigator

Color Navigator represents the future of how color matching and press operation will be accomplished without manual manipulation of ink keys and other console-based controls.

With the difficulty of hiring skilled operators, printing as a craft and art is becoming a thing of the past. Currently, conventional color matching on press depends largely on operator skill. This involves not only manually adjusting and changing ink supply volume using ink key buttons on the remote control desk, but also knowledge of color separations. Operators must understand the individual colors that require adjustments to make the necessary color change.

Color Navigator automatically corrects all necessary ink key openings based on the operator's visual color sense using a revolutionary touch screen color wheel.

Color Navigator

Color Navigator upper and lower touch monitors

Fast, accurate fine-tuning

RMGT's color adjustment interface ensures fast, accurate fine-tuning of colors without complicated ink key moves. Compared with manual adjustments, Color Navigator cuts color adjustment time in half and increases reproduction accuracy by nearly one-third.

Upper and lower touch monitors

Color Navigator consists of upper and lower touch monitors attached to a separate console located next to the COMRAC control console. The upper monitor displays the print image as it appears on the press sheet. The operator uses this image to select individual ink zones to be changed to match the color proof.

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