Successful printers need and expect their press technology to give them an edge – a quality edge, a productivity edge, a competitive edge. On. Every. Job.


Solid performance based on time-tested technology, in 1,020 and 1,060 mm formats. Choose from our ST, TP, LX, and PF styles.
RMGT 1020STStraight Press (ST)28" x 40"
RMGT 1060STStraight Press (ST)29" x 41"
RMGT 1020LXWide Stock Range Press (LX)28" x 40"
RMGT 1060LXWide Stock Range Press (LX)29" x 41"
RMGT 1020TPTandem Perfector (TP)28" x 40"
RMGT 1060TPTandem Perfector (TP)29" x 41"
RMGT 1020PFConvertible Perfector (PF)28" x 40"
RMGT 1060PFConvertible Perfector (PF)29" x 41"

RMGT 970

Reliability, versatility and superior cost performance add up to top performing machines in RMGT’s 9-Series of offset printing presses. These popular presses stand unrivaled in their appeal to printers who require versatility and excellent print quality.
RMGT 97026" x 38"
RMGT 94024" x 37"
RMGT 92024" x 36"

RMGT 790

The high productivity and profitability of the RMGT 7-Series of offset printing presses meet customers’ specific needs for printing and packaging environments. A wide range of unit configurations allows for compatible usage in print shops of many sizes.
RMGT 79022" x 30"
RMGT 76022" x 30"

Mitsubishi Diamond 16 MAX+

Benefits of the MAX+ Series include stable, accurate operation at high-production speeds and “one-button operation,” which ensures minimal amount of manual involvement for press operators.

Miyakoshi MJP20IXS/30IXS Digital

Miyakoshi MJP20IXS/30IXS Digital

The MJP20ISX and MJP30IXS full-color duplex inkjet presses offer the highest quality 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution for print on demand and commercial printing applications including catalogs, brochures, and other critical imaging products.

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