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Triple your production with a triple-diameter transfer system

RMGT’s one-of-a-kind tandem perfector packaging press is tripling packaging printers’ success across the globe. With the 1060 TP LX 7/1 CC LD, packages are produced using the technology’s TransLink unit, a triple-diameter transfer system that passes printed sheets from the back side of the press to the front side without turning them over. With this technology, printers can achieve flawless unit-to-unit, side-to-side register and color matching without scratching the surface of the carton.

With automatic feeders, a raised kit, delivery shutters and the PQS-D (I+C+R) Print Quality Control System designed to keep work moving seamlessly from job to job without the need for a press operator to intervene, printers can count on the 1060 TP LX 7/1 CC LD to continually create the perfect package.


Feeder Section
High speed feeder separator
Paper Size preset (separator Front/Back positioning by remote control)
Single suction belt type feeder board with Misalignment Prevention function
Foreign Substance stopper at feeder board
Sheet feeding speed slowdown device
Cover below feeder board with limit switch
Separator height and front air blast nozzle positioning by remote control
Expandable paper guide under separator
Electrostatic eliminator
Registration Section
Photo Electric type Double sheet detector
Ultra Sonic type Double sheet detector
Roller type paper retainer
Side lay preset
Torsion bar type swing gripper shaft
Front-lay circumferential and cocking register by remote control
Pneumatic pull side guide
Printing Unit
Plate U-Cuts Dimension(Depth): RMGT Standard 11mm
Plate U-Cuts Dimension(Lateral): RMGT Standard 780mm
Patented doubling prevention system
Plate clamp with fan-out adjustment device
Stainless steel metalized Plate and Blanket cylinder
Chrome plated Impression cylinder
Protection cover automatic Open/Close device
Bearer wiper
Automatic Impression Pressure preset with Plate and Blanket cylinders follow-up Mechanism
Torsion bar type gripper Shaft
Lubrication-Free grippers bearing
Gripper pad Casette type
Circumferential, Lateral and Cocking Register adjustment remote control
Safety bar between Plate and Blanket cylinder
Safety bar between Blanket cylinder and Ink form roller (W)
Safety bar between Blanket and Impression cylinder
ICP Film for transfer cylinder
Fixed sheet guide under transfer cylinder
Inking Unit
High Precision ink key remote control system (Auto preset inking system)
Automatic ink key Zero point adjustment system
Variable ink doctor timing remote control
Ink Fountain roller rotation remote control
Automatic ink roller cleaning device with ink Ductor Blade On/Off remote control
Dampening Section
On touch On/Off Nipping of DT and DR rollers
Water Fountain roller rotation Remote control
Water Rider roller (DS) with specialized chrome coating
Water Oscillating bridge roller (DB)
Multi-Mode dampening system
Delivery Section
Delivery Drumless cylinder
Torsion bar type shadowless chain gripper bar
Delivery Jam-up detector
Delivery pile thrusting detector
Sheet releasing remote control
Vaccum slowdown wheel Independent drive
Vacuum slowdown wheel
Sheet Decurler
Automatic lubrication for chain guide
Delivery pile automatic lowering
Paper Size preset (side Jogger Lateral positioning, Expandable side Jogger, Vacuum slow down wheel Front/Back position and vacuum slow down when suction width presetting)
Delivery Saftey area detector
Delivery air guide plate
Electrostatic eliminator
Stack aligner in delivery
Operation-Control Section
Sequential Start-Up
Emergency Impression off at feeder
Emergency Impression off at delivery
Sequential Impression On
Color touch screen at feeder
Presetting counter with feeder pump off function
High speed Impression On mechanism
Active / Satefy Mode Selector Switch (feeder to each unit)
Color touch Screen at delivery
Multi function Beam (LED)
RMGT - Intelligent Press Control
Solid type Double-Diameter cylinder Translink unit
Paper/Plate Size
Paper Thickness Range:0.04~0.6mm
Plate Thickness:0.3mm
Safety Regulation:UL
The unit for Distance:mm
Plate Punch Dimension: RMGT Standard
Air Center
Second transfer cylinder at Translink unit:Vacuum type
Feeder-Registration Section
Nonstop Feeder:Automatic
Front-Lay Bernoulli
Automatic Central Greasing system for feeder board and Register by Cartridge
Corrective sheet detector with sheet Clamp device
Side-Lay detector:Fiber Sensor type
Brush and Rubber roller device (Single bar type)
Sheet Circumferential Direction Aligning device
Feeder belt Acceleration/Deceleration device: Chain type
Printing Unit
Simultaneous Full-Automatic Plate Changing system (Simulchanger FPC) 7 COLOR
High speed Impression:High speed Impression On (10,000Sph) and Zero Minute Standby of Impression Pressure preset 7 COLOR
Support bar for Blanket Change 1 COLOR
Automatic Blanket cleaning device:RMGT 7 COLOR
Automatic Impression cylinder cleaning device 6 COLOR
Inking Unit
Ink Clutch : 1st, 2nd, 7th & 8th Printing Units
Ink Fountain Roller Independent drive : All Printing Units 1 COLOR
Ink Oscillating rollers Dead point positioning remote control: All printing units 7 COLOR
Ink Oscillating roller On/Off remote control:All printing units 7 COLOR
Automatic cleaning Solvent spray for Oil Based Ink 7 COLOR
One Action On/Off Oscillating Ink form roller(W,Z):All printing units 7 COLOR
Provision for Ink Oscillating roller Cooling(C1,K1 And K2):All printing units 7 COLOR
Dampening Section
Dampening Oscillating roller (DR roller):All printing units 7 COLOR
Delta type Dampening system:All printing units 7 COLOR
Delivery Section
Board Insertion guide Automatic Lowering device
Delivery Shutter
Long Delivery
Operation-Control Section
PPC Server III Software
Press Information Display
Special Sheet-for UV-Special Unit
Anti Electrostatic Measure:Grade 1 for paper
UV Printing 7 SET
Interdeck UV Provision_after PU3, PU5, PU7 and PU8
Interdeck UV Provision_before Coating Unit
Coating unit
Machine Arrangement
Press Raise : 450mm
Feeder Band Stand:Feeder Band Stand without drive side steps
Flip-Up type pile Extraction : Operator side
Tray at drive side 7 SET
Cover for drive side under foot Step:Selected without Exhaust Fan 7 SET
Cover for Operation side foot Step 7 SET
Tool Box under Operation side foot Step
Air Gun @ Last printing unit Operation side under foot step and feeder
Power Supply:60Hz 220V without Transformer
Special Order Spec.
Chamber type doctor blade coating system with varnish circulator:Harris & Bruno (DUO)
Water Spray for BCD
Skeleton on the front side
Auxillary Equipment
Rollers - Chameleon X 8 sets + 1 Set Core
PPC Server Computer
Mitsubishi Remote Access Program
Ink Agitator
AGT Combi unit
X-Rite IntelliTrax Closed Loop Color Spectrophotometer
GEW 3 LED Interdeck + 3 CUV EOP
Pierry IR