LED-UV Curing Unit

Low-Heat LEDs Use Less Energy, Reduce Heat-Related Shrinkage of Printing Media

Like conventional UV curing systems, the LED-UV unit instantly cures ink between printing units and overprint coatings applied to the sheets. However, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) generate lower heat and consume less energy. The low heat enables high-quality printing on heat-sensitive plastics, synthetic substrates and films without warping or distortions. Cooling time and expenses are eliminated as well.

There is no ozone generation with LED-UV curing so no need for exhaust ducting. Other advantages include a smaller footprint and faster press startups, since LED lamps don’t require any warm-up time. The curing unit instantly switches on and off, significantly improving work efficiency. The LED-UV unit also boasts a longer life than a conventional UV lamp system.

LED-UV Curing Unit

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