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The Fastest 4x1 Press in the World (Maximum Printing Speed: 80,000 IPH)

Mitsubishi has developed the fastest 4x1 shaftless newspaper offset press in the world. Narrow gap cylinders are employed for both plate and blanket cylinders to reduce vibrations. The use of double-diameter blanket cylinders stabilizes deflection of single-diameter plate cylinders and contributes to high-quality printing of 80,000 IPH. Moreover, the customer has the option of choosing either conventional blankets or metal-backed blankets. Obviously,the conventional blankets are less costly and help reduce overall operation cost.


Maximum printing speed80,000 IPH
Cutoff533mm, 546mm, 560mm, 578mm (21", 21.5", 22", 22.75")
Web width1,220mm to 1,680mm (48" to 66")
Reel diameter1,270mm (50")
Maximum number of pages96 Pages
Inking systemOpen fountain/Digital ink pump
Dampening systemSpray bar
Reel standIndependent arm, 2-arm/3-arm
Folder2:5:5 Jaw, 2:3:3 Jaw, 3:2 Rotary
Drive systemShaftless

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