Keystone Folding Box Celebrates First Year with RMGT 970 Press

Keystone Folding Box Celebrates First Year with RMGT 970 Press

RMGT, manufacturer of the leading 8-up sheetfed press in North America, has installed a RMGT 970 offset printing press at Keystone Folding Box Co. Based in Newark, NJ, Keystone designs and manufactures folding cartons, capsules, blister cards and other packaging for customers in the healthcare field. The privately held company, which owns two other Mitsubishi/RMGT presses, is celebrating its 115th business anniversary this year.

“Much of the clinical trial and medical device work we do is quick turn,” explains Wade Hartman, President, Keystone Folding Box Co. “The new RMGT 970 runs fast at speeds exceeding 15,000 sheets per hour.” After 12 full months of operating the 25” X 38” size machine, Hartman reports that he could not be more pleased with its quality, speed and overall performance for the pharmaceutical packaging materials in which his firm specializes. “We keep sending more and more jobs to the 970,” Hartman reports.

Keystone intentionally chose the RMGT 970 press for its compact footprint which is ideally suited for its 50,000+-square-foot facility in New Jersey. “We have some floor space constraints,” admits Hartman, “but we were able to get this press into a tight space while still getting the excellent print quality we expect along with fast job turnaround times. Being able to print up to 24-point board on a 25 x 38-inch sheet, the RMGT 970 has 100% of the performance of a larger press.”

Exceptional cost performance increases profitability

Adding capacity has been another benefit of Keystone running the 970 model, adds Lloyd Molloy, director of customer service at equipment distributor RM Machinery (RMM). “The LED-UV curing technology has opened up their finishing and die cutting departments,” Molloy says, “facilitating overall growth for the firm in 2022.”

Light-emitting diode, ultraviolet curing units at the perfecting and delivery sections allows for instant drying at maximum press speed -- eliminating the need to wait before proceeding to postpress processes and satisfying the demand for shorter lead times. Keystone recently added a Bobst Expertcut 106 PER to their state-of-the-art die cutting operations. “The LED-UV provides instant curing off the press,” observes Hartman, “and, it is saving us money since it uses less power.”

Compared to 40-inch format presses, the 970 model has substantially lower plate costs and markedly lower power consumption. Research conducted by RMGT reveals that plate costs are reduced about 20%, power consumption by about 34% and installation space by about 30%.

Introduced in mid-2020, the RMGT 970 model lineup includes straight printing presses and convertible perfectors ranging from two to 10 colors. Coating units can also be installed. Large-capacity feeder and delivery piles as well as the newly designed larger cylinder diameters enhance printing capability on heavy stock.

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