As your packaging customers become more vocal in their demands for higher quality and shorter turnaround times, you can provide faster service, generate greater efficiencies and cost savings, and produce better image quality.


Solid performance based on time-tested technology, in 1,020 and 1,050 mm formats. Choose from our ST, TP, LX, and PF styles.
RMGT 1020STStraight Press (ST)28" x 40"
RMGT 1050STStraight Press (ST)29" x 41"
RMGT 1020LXWide Stock Range Press (LX)28" x 40"
RMGT 1050LXWide Stock Range Press (LX)29" x 41"
RMGT 1020TPTandem Perfector (TP)28" x 40"
RMGT 1050TPTandem Perfector (TP)29" x 41"
RMGT 1020PFConvertible Perfector (PF)28" x 40"
RMGT 1050PFConvertible Perfector (PF)29" x 41"


Our flagship presses boast advanced functions, improved styling, proven durability, and high precision mechanisms. The 11-Series is available in ST, TP, LX, and PF styles.
RMGT 1130STStraight Press (ST)32" x 44"
RMGT 1130LXWide Stock Range Press (LX)32" x 44"
RMGT 1130TPTandem Perfector (TP)32" x 44"

RMGT 940

Reliability, versatility and superior cost performance add up to top performing machines in RMGT’s 9-Series of offset printing presses. These popular presses stand unrivaled in their appeal to printers who require versatility and excellent print quality.
RMGT 94024" x 37"
RMGT 92024" x 36"

RMGT 790

The high productivity and profitability of the RMGT 7-Series of offset printing presses meet customers’ specific needs for printing and packaging environments. A wide range of unit configurations allows for compatible usage in print shops of many sizes.
RMGT 79022" x 30"
RMGT 76022" x 30"

Miyakoshi MHL

Miyakoshi MHL

The MHL is a semi-rotary offset press that is ideal for flexible packaging and self-adhesive label production.

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